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We will build you the exact house you need to feel comfortable any season of the year, in any climate.  There is nothing more comfortable than draft-free living.  A balanced interior climate and filtered fresh air can improve many aspects of you life.  It is well known that good indoor air quality inproves breathing, creates better sleeping conditions,helps to reduce alergins, and regulates humity.  People swear they feel a difference living in an Ecocor passive house, it becomes part of their overall well-being.  Can you say that about a traditionally-built house?


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Ecocor is looking to partner with architects, builders or any professional interested in the art of passive house building. 

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We're proud to announce that we are the first certified Passive House component manufacturer outside of Europe

Check out our Passive House Components. Our Panelized Construction approach to passive house building is perfect for all high performance building applications.