UPDATE: Due to Storm and Power Outages Ecocor Founder and Technical Director, Christian Corson Will Not Speak

Ecocor Founder and Technical Director, Christian Corson CPHD, Assoc. AIA was scheduled to speak at the 2017 passivhausMaine Fall Forum this Friday, November 3rd at the Portland Public Library.  Unfortunately, the power outages resulting from Sunday's powerful wind storm, and affecting the entire state will prevent Chris from speaking. He sends his apologies.

He was to share his early experience retrofitting existing homes to Passive House standards and how that led him to his current passion: building a factory to produce Passive House panelized components for owners, builders and architects. 

Chris was to speak about how his experienced Ecocor carpenters construct panelized wall and roof components to within a 32nd of an inch. He planned to describe the obvious advantages of never having any weather delays due to inclement weather and discuss Ecocor's foundation system which meets Passive House Institute certification.

And, he planned to describe how owners, builders and architects can have a complete shell package assembled on time, within budget and ready for interior fit and finish, typically, within 5 to 7 working days.


Chris has over twenty-five years of multidisciplinary experience in construction, architecture, design and engineering. 

His concern for the state of the planet’s energy balance, his love of designing and building high performance buildings coupled with his expert knowledge in building physics, makes Chris a natural fit for Passive House building. One of the first Certified Passive House Designers in the United States, Chris trained at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt Germany and is recognized as a Passive House Designer Trainer.

Chris’ goal is to better align building methodologies and best practices with contemporary sustainable materials and practices that embrace low embodied energy. Chris has several patents pending on the only opaque building components in the United States that are certified by the Passive House Institute. 

He completed his studies at Southern Illinois University and studied Interior Architecture at Columbia College and Fine Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with an emphasis on Architecture. Chris lives in Northport Maine with his wife Alexia, their two children, two dogs, one cat, six chickens, and an ever changing number of fish.



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UPDATE: Due to Storm and Power Outages Ecocor Founder and Technical Director, Christian Corson Will Not Speak

Ecocor Founder and Technical Director, Christian Corson CPHD, Assoc. AIA was scheduled to speak at the 2017 passivhausMaine Fall Forum this Friday, November 3rd at the Portland Public Library.  Unfortunately, the power outages resulting from…

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Solsken by Ecocor Home Chosen for Passive House on Long Island, New York

We’re happy to announce another Passive House from our Solsken by Ecocor line will be leaving the factory soon. The panelized components will be shipped to Long Island, NY where it will be assembled by our team of building professionals and made ready for the final fit and finish.


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High tech wooden prefab houses are very popular in Sweden, but relatively unknown in the US.  EcoCor is bringing this popular Swedish technology to the US. 

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EcoCor, a Maine-based builder of Passive House prefabs, now offers 11 different ready-to-order models of energy-efficient, factory-built prefabs homes.

A new player in the growing market for prefabricated Passive House construction in the U.S.

There’s a new player in the small but growing market for prefabricated Passive House construction in the U.S. Announced on Monday, the Searsmont, Maine–based high-performance building manufacturer Ecocor is teaming up with Milford, Pa.

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Ecocor has teamed up with Richard Pedranti Architect to develop a line of prefabricated homes that meet the strict energy-efficient requirements of the "Passive House" standard.

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Heavy-Duty Window Flashing by Chris Corson Using Extoseal Encors

EcoCor's Chris Corson demonstrates Extoseal Encors Window Flashing.

We're proud to announce that we are the first certified Passive House component manufacturer outside of Europe

Check out our Passive House Components. Our Panelized Construction approach to passive house building is perfect for all high performance building applications.