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We all have a responsibility to contribute to our global society, and to the global ecosystem that keeps us awash in clean air and fresh water. Choosing to build at or below the lowest legally accepted level (code minimum) means putting your short-term desires ahead of your future, your childrens’ future and their childrens’ future. We are at a point, some people are finally starting to realize, where difficult decisions must be made or the planet will become increasingly inhospitable. As hard as that is to imagine, it’s as close to a scientific fact as the concept that we revolve around the sun—difficult to verify first hand, but agreed upon by the vast majority of scientists. To build a new home today, and NOT consider Passive House as a baseline for energy performance, means choosing your short-term aesthetic desires over the health and future of the entire planet.


We're proud to announce that we are the first certified Passive House component manufacturer outside of Europe

Check out our Passive House Components. Our Panelized Construction approach to passive house building is perfect for all high performance building applications.