Proper Orientation of your Solsken Passive House

Siting your home is a balance of solar orientation and maximizing your view. Our goal is to take advantage of the sun’s warmth or, minimize its heat. Our other goal is to nourish your soul with awe-inspiring views.

Solar South

We maximize heat gain in your passive house by accounting for the relative position of the sun.   We are taught that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The truth is this only happens on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. Because of the earth’s tilt, the winter sun rises south of east and sets south of west in the winter. While the summer sun rises slightly north of east and sets south of west in the summer. Using compass south would not be optimal.

So, we identify true solar south. This helps us account for the maximum height of the sun in the winter and it’s maximum height in the summer. Then, we site the house based on your latitude filling your home with the sunlight and warmth of the low winter sun. Conversely, we keep the stifling heat of the high summer sun out, making your home as cool as possible in the summer. 

Siting for View

You chose this location for a reason. Maybe, you imagined a landscaped garden set against stonewalls framed by the woods.   Or, maybe it’s an awesome vista of the ocean or a mountain valley. We want you to have what you envisioned when you chose this location. It’s why we work hard to balance your views with the solar orientation of your passive house. 

A beautiful home, perfectly sited for form and function.

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